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Mani Olives Oil - History & Tradition

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The Aggelopoulos family has been active commercially since 1928, in Egies, Laconia. Its history began 3 generations ago, from a small traditional manufacturing plant that covered the needs of the family and the area.
Over the years, the family has continuously invested in facilities and equipment, increasing its production and turnover.
In 1991, they created the standard unit for the processing and standardization of olive oil and olives, Mani Olives Oil, a fact that gave great growth to the company and increased the tonnage of its products.
In 2015, the Angelopoulos family proceeded with the renovation and expansion of its building facilities and created a modern processing and standardization complex with a volume capacity of 2,000 tons annually.
The long-term and unbreakable cooperation of our company with the local farmers - producers, gives us the opportunity to choose olive fruit and oil of superior quality. The continuous absorption of local olive production has established our company as one of the largest buyers of olives in all of Greece.
Today, our company Mani Olives Oil, with a tradition and experience of more than 90 years, is an export group that offers fine and quality olive products in more than 25 countries around the world.
Our primary concern is to remain a purely family business focusing on the excellent quality of its products, its traditional values ​​and the support of local producers.
The Laconian tradition has a custom. For every child that is born, the family also plants an olive tree. 
As the family continues to evolve for many generations, so does the evolution of the harvest and life!
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