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Mani Olives Oil - Kalamata Olive Paste

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The Kalamata olive paste by Mani Olives Oil stands out for its full and rich taste. It consists of 100% natural pulp from Kalamata olives of superior quality without any chemical treatment and addition.

The Kalamata olive paste by Mani Olives Oil, is an authentic Greek product that contains healthy and delicious ingredients that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The Kalamata olive paste by Mani Olives Oil is eaten as a dip with bread, breadsticks, crackers, nuts and is the healthiest snack for children and adults.
It is also used in cooking, adding flavor to sauces, stews and grilled foods.

The packages we export include:
•    Plastic PET     Net Weight  1.5LT
•    Plastic PET     Net Weight  3.5LT
•    Plastic PET     Net Weight     8LT

•    Plastic Barrel   Net Weight   20LT
•    Plastic Barrel   Net Weight 220LT






The Kalamata olive paste by Mani Olives Oil creates extremely delicious combinations along with: garlic, fresh coriander, oregano, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, Florina pepper, mushrooms, feta, gruyere, kefalotyri and other traditional Greek products.

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