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Mani Olives Oil - Olive Oil Tasting

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The quality of olive oil is characterized by its color, aroma, and taste.Although olive oil tasting is a complex and delicate process done by properly trained technologists, nevertheless we can see some general features to evaluate the characteristics of olive oil, following some steps.
The color of olive oil comes mainly from the pigments that predominate in the olive fruit at the time of harvest. The intense green color comes from unripe olives, while the golden green comes from ripe olives. If the color is too light, then the oil is oxidized or old.

The aroma and taste of quality olive oil resembles the fruity smell of fresh olives.
Taste testing procedure: 

  • We put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a small glass.

  • We cover the glass with our palm and shake the oil on the walls of the glass.


Then, the olive oil will release its aromas.

  • Then, we smell in the glass and perceive the intensity and variety of aromas of olive oil. 

  • Then, we put a small amount of olive oil in our mouth and suck air in to mix it with the oil, so that its flavors and aromas are released.


We let the olive oil spread on our tongue and palate and then we swallow it. We feel the characteristic burning and bitterness in our throat which is an indication of the superior quality of the olive oil we tasted. As an aftertaste, it remains a spicy texture with tones of fresh grass and unripe olives.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Mani Olives Oil is very low acidity (0.1 - 0.8%) and has been produced, standardized and stored with the most perfect specifications, so that each drop is a valuable source of enjoyment.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Mani Olives Oil has no preservatives. It has a shelf life of 12 to 18 months, depending on its storage conditions. The ideal storage temperature is 10-18 ° C in a dark and dry place.

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