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Mani Olives Oil - Our Facilities

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The Angelopoulos family has privately owned olive groves as well as a unit for the processing and standardization of olive oil and olives in Egies, Laconia.
Our facilities are vertically organized and consist of:
  • Administrative staff offices
  • Sales and export offices
  • Olive fruit sorting unit
  • Olive oil standardization line
  • Conventional and organic olives processing line
  • Olive standardization line
  • Olive storage facilities
  • Olive oil storage tanks
  • Packaging materials storage facilities
  • Storage facilities for finished packaged products
  • Truck loading and unloading ramps
At Mani Olives Oil we choose the best olive fruit and the best cold pressed olive oil.

Storage is done in stainless steel tanks and in suitable conditions so that the products retain all their superior organoleptic and quality characteristics.
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