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Mani Olives Oil - Pitted Kalamata Olives

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The pitted Kalamata Olives by Mani Olives Oil are ready to be used in your salads or to enrich your recipes. They are ideal for catering professionals and easy to cook as you do not have to worry about the stones.

The pitted Kalamata Olives by Mani Olives Oil retain all their taste and nutritional characteristics since the pitting is done carefully without injuring and squeezing the fruit.

In our facilities we have a separate line for the pitting of olive kernel by modern automatic machines that ensure the quality of the final product.

The pitted Kalamata Olives by Mani Olives Oil are a product of superior quality and exquisite taste.

The packages we export include:
•    Plastic PET     Net Weight  1.5LT -   1Kg
•    Plastic PET     Net Weight  3.5LT -   2Kg
•    Plastic PET     Net Weight     8LT -   5Kg

•    Metal tin Can   Net Weight   19LT - 12Kg
•    Plastic Barrel   Net Weight   20LT - 12Kg
•    Plastic Barrel   Net Weight 220LT -150Kg







Both our conventional and our organic pitted Kalamata olives stand out for their superior quality and their unique taste.

Pitted Kalamata Olives by Mani Olives Oil are traditionally prepared without any additional chemical ingredients.

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