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Mani Olives Oil - Vision & Philosophy

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At Mani Olives Oil we continue to focus on the superior quality of all our products.
That is why every day we try and choose the finest Greek varieties of olives and olive oil, based on our strict specifications.
Our basic philosophy is the processing and standardization of high-quality olive oil and olives with love for the natural environment and respect for the olive farmer and the olive oil producer.
Our primary concern is the quality control in all stages of our products, from harvesting to processing and packaging.
In Greece, the olive tree is a symbol for the country & its culture.
Our immense respect for the olive tree and the legacy of our ancestors is for us the supreme commitment to offer delicious, healthy, pure Greek products of high quality to people around the world, while promoting the authentic Greek homemade flavors.
Our vision is to continue evolving, remaining firm in our traditional values.
To continue with the same passion to offer traditional quality products, being an inspiration for our younger generations.
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